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Anonymous asked: i'm a beginner in making art so should i buy a lot of cheap basic supplies at first or do you think i should buy only a few expensive things and learn those?

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This is my opinion and I know of some dudes who will disagree with me but I say, if you’re a total beginner, buy a bunch of cheap stuff in whatever medium interests you and to go nuts with it. I definitely know how tempting it is to go to the store a buy the rad expensive supplies because yeah, most of the time price=quality. But, depending on how much I spent on the thing and how much it would cost to replace it, I tend to not use it as much. An example of this would be paper: how many times have to bought a pad of super nice paper or a dope sketchbook only to leave the majority of empty because you didn’t want to fill it with mistakes?

For real, if you’re just learning something, it’s going to look funky and you probably won’t end up keeping it anyway, right? Why blow a bunch of money on it? Get comfortable and learn the medium, then gradually buy more and more expensive stuff if you want. This is of course assuming that money is a factor in all of this - if you’re super rich or something buy whatever you want I guess. Haha.

My advice: buy cheap, buy in bulk, and straight charge it. Make as much art as you can and don’t stop.

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