Self portrait.

From across the street I saw a guy sneeze so hard he tripped while he was walking up a curb. I then in turn laughed so hard I tripped over a bench and spilled my coffee. It was the most blatant proof of karma I’ve ever seen.

Uh oh here comes the snow
Sept 30, 2014
"Wave Age"

Anonymous said: hey what type of paints do you use?


Windsor & Newton, mostly. If I’m just messing around and mindlessly splashing paint, I’ll break out an old $5 set of cakes.

#stevenkschmidt #art
This must of been the actual moment when I turned 25. You can also peep a groovin Grable behind me. Tight.
Pretty hyped on how this turned out. I had no idea that painting hearts would actually be fun - like putting together a meat puzzle or something, haha.
Anyways, you can buy prints and mugs and shirts and other asinine stuff here.
Steven k Schmidt